About Us

Grass Valley Sportsmen’s Club

The GRASS VALLEY SPORTSMEN’S CLUB, pioneers in field and stream since 1880, is the oldest sportsmen’s club West of the Mississippi.

​Our 100 members are very active with local youth and community oriented projects in addition to our commitment to improve recreational fish and game opportunities.  As a club, we believe in doing what we can to help our young people discover, enjoy and take care of our outdoor environment. ​

The official objectives of the Club are:

  • The conservation of game, fish and fish culture.
  • The protection of same by legal means.
  • The influencing, as far as is practical, the enactment of such additional laws and ordinances as may be found necessary to accomplish that end.
  • To enforce those laws.
  • To encourage hunting, fishing and sportsmanship among its members.
  • To generally attend to and guard such matters and interest therewith connected, as may be a benefit to the public and to the members of the club.

The Club is limited to 100 members.  Each member holds a membership that includes full access to our 49 acre facility at 6000 feet in the Northern California Sierra Nevada.