Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  What is the Grass Valley Sportsmens Club?
A:  The Grass Valley Sportsmens Club is an organization made up of 100 members who share a love of the outdoors and the camaraderie of sportsman related activities. They hold various fundraising events throughout the year to fund their community outreach programs for youth such as the Annual Kids Trout Derby at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. And they believe in having a good time in the process.

Q:  How does one join the Club?
A:  The club membership is limited to 100 members.  Membership is by invitation only and must be sponsored by an existing member.  Memberships only become available when they are sold by an existing member.

Q:  How long has the Club been in existence?
A:  The club was established in 1880, which makes it the oldest sportsmens club west of the Mississippi.